Merzouga Desert Morocco

Merzouga Desert in Morocco

Imagine a stay in the Moroccan desert , travelling by camel over the sand dunes and sleeping in traditional Berber tents.

Viewing fantastic dawn or nightfall over the Saharan sand rises at Merzouga in Morocco is an amazing knowledge which actually should be believed to be accepted.

The Erg Chebbi sand rises are the biggest and most elevated in Morocco and the town of Merzouga is the ideal base from which to investigate the marvels of the desert. An astonishing measure of warm-blooded creature, reptile and birdlife can be found in the desert throughout the entire year. Reptiles incorporate Algerian sand reptiles, Berber skinks and an assortment of snakes. Well evolved creatures, for example, gerbils, desert hedgehogs, desert foxes and field mice are copious, similar to the scarab bug which leaves its unmistakable trail in the regularly moving sands. Fowl watchers can hope to see feathered creature species, for example, the Kittllitz’s plover, rosy shelduck, the Egyptian nightjar, the Arabian scavenger and birds of prey. In the spring lake structures close Merzouga, which draws in herds of pink flamingos – a shocking sight. An assortment of transitory flying creatures utilize this territory as a stopover on their adventure.

A camel excursion is truly outstanding and least meddlesome approaches to see the rises, in spite of the fact that visits utilizing 4X4 vehicles and quad bicycles are accessible. Guests can encounter a camel-sponsored experience enduring a couple of hours, or on the off chance that you truly need to get the full impact of being at one with this one of a kind situation, take a multi-day desert tour from Marrakech, outdoors and living like a migrant. As you ride your camel into the nightfall, the waves and rushes of sand rise washed in shades of orange, bronze and gold by the setting sun are a sight that won’t effectively be overlooked. Dawns are similarly fantastic and you unquestionably won’t have any desire to miss seeing this sight – so don’t rest late!


Merzouga is a little town in southeastern Morocco, around 35 km (22 mi) southeast of Rissani, around 55 km (34 mi) from Erfoud, and around 50 km (31 mi) from the Algerian fringe.



The town is known for its closeness to Erg Chebbi, an erg and it is, therefore, a piece of the agendas of numerous voyagers visiting Morocco. It has been portrayed as “a desert amusement park”, and the Erg Chebbi as “a wonderland of sand”, Merzouga has the biggest characteristic underground waterway in Morocco.


Guests to Merzouga can likewise organize to visit a Berber family home, watch and assist them with setting up a customary feast, which normally incorporates home-made bread, couscous and tagines. A tagine is the name of the pot that the supper, likewise called tagine, is cooked in. A customary tagine pot is made of substantial earth, which is either painted or coated. The pot has a base, which is level and roundabout with low edges and a huge cone, or arch moulded spread, which rests inside the base. The spread is intended to permit consolidated steam from the nourishment, to come back to the nourishment. When the nourishment is cooked, the spread is taken off and the base is utilized for serving at the table. Tagine dishes, more often than not comprised of some sort of meat with vegetables and an appetizing or hot sauce, are moderately cooked on a stovetop at low temperatures bringing about a sweet-smelling, delectable dinner with exceptionally delicate meat. Dinners are ordinarily polished off with some mint tea.

At the point when you are next arranging a get-away, why not venture out to Morocco and incorporate a visit to the perfect sand rises and the colourful town of Merzouga in the Sahara.

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